Registration has closed for the summer 2017 Student Stock-Picking Contest!  Good luck to all participants!!


Contest prizes...

1st: $1,000 College Cash & $100 Amazon Card

2nd: $500 College Cash & $50 Amazon Card

3rd: $250 College Cash & $25 Amazon Card

Summer 2017 Corporate Sponsors:

Thanks for your interest in the Fisher Wealth Summer Stock-Picking Contest for Students!  Here is a brief overview of how the contest works:  Students (defined as any child entering Kindergarten through 12th grade) who reside in Franklin County, Ohio, may participate.  Each participant will have $1,000 of pretend money that will be split up among 4 different stocks of their choosing ($250 into each stock).  Parents and guardians, YOU must register your children, but be sure to have them nearby when registering so that they can select the stocks themselves.  To make things very simple, we have intentionally limited the number of stocks to choose from to 50, and our guess is that your child(ren) will recognize many of them. You will see the list of stocks in the pull-down menus below when you are registering.

And here is a new twist!!! Parents and Guardians... you can play too!  (but sorry... you don't get any prizes).  We had a lot of parents say that they wished they could have played along with their kids, so we have taken that suggestion!  Just include yourself in the registration and be sure to select "Parent/Guardian."  Now you can have a friendly family competition too!

The contest is free for all participants and will run for a six-week period.  Registration is OPEN RIGHT NOW and will continue until MIDNIGHT on Sunday, July 9th, 2017.  Don't delay - registration is fast and easy!

Once you have completed your registration (below), we will work behind the scenes to create the stock portfolios and keep track of each participant’s portfolio value over the six-week period of the contest. We will post an updated leader-board each week on our web site and on various social media sites and after the sixth week we will announce the official winners!