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Life is too short to worry about money.

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We have tools to help you plan efficiently and effectively.

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We will position your investments according to your risk tolerance and timeline.

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We know when to recommend life insurance, annuities, disability insurance, and long term care insurance to manage the risks.


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Rockpointe Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor. We are bound to uphold a “fiduciary standard” and do what is in the best interest of our clients. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Advice for your Adventure

You’ve made wise decisions and worked hard for the resources you’ve acquired. You want to be a good steward as you face the unknowns in the financial journey ahead. You recognize that the next important step for you is to select a financial advisor that will:

  1. Serve with your best interests in mind

  2. Offer competent advice

  3. Educate you so you feel confident in your next decisions for your financial future

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Life is too short to worry about money. Get advice for your adventure and start ruling over your money today!



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“Mapping Your Adventure: Simple Tips to Start Ruling Over Your Money.”

Tell your money where to go. Make it work for you. Take risks only where you can afford to take risks and manage the ones you can manage. In this eBook, I explain concepts and list considerations regarding financial planning, investing, and insurance. I’ve included separate chapters for those that are in their working years, for those who are business owners, and for those that are nearly-retired or retired. Become empowered to start ruling over your money today!

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