We've Redefined "Wealthy"

by Brad Fisher

by Brad Fisher

Money is a funny thing.  Some people have a lot of it, others not so much.  But one thing is for sure – we all have to deal with it!  After reflecting on the many clients we have worked with over the years, we have decided that we are going to change the way we think about what it means to be wealthy.  So here is the definition that we came up with:  Wealthy – Living within your means so that you can live beyond yourself. 

Said another way, spend less money than what you bring in, and take some of your money, even just a small percentage, and use it to make a positive impact somewhere. Perhaps you have a favorite charity, perhaps you can increase your tithe to your church; or maybe you simply offer to pay for someone’s gas when they pull up next to you at the pump.

 When you live within your means, you’ll live with less financial stress overall; and when you choose to find ways to live beyond yourself – that’s when we believe you’ll begin to understand what it means to be wealthy.

 So why even bring this to your attention? Because we think we have been giving people the wrong impression, albeit unintentionally, all along.  You see, the name of our company is Fisher Wealth Management. And that word, wealth, conjures up a whole variety of meanings for different people.  On average, we find that people have one of the two following thoughts when they are introduced to our firm: They’ll either think to themselves, 1) “I do not consider myself wealthy, therefore they probably wouldn’t even want me to be their client;”  or 2) “They probably only work with people who are much wealthier than I am.” 

Neither is correct.  Our clients range from beginning investors who are trying their hardest to put money into their Roth IRAs each month, to seasoned retirees that are freely living off of their sizeable retirement portfolios.  I have entrepreneur clients that are facing hardship in their business who are coming to me for advice about that; and I have successful business owner clients worth many millions. 

If you are willing to take your financial future seriously and want to enjoy a more peaceful financial journey by taking the time to put a plan into action – we would love to work with you - and we’ll do that regardless of the balance in your investment accounts. 

Eric Biddle