Why Giving Will Actually Improve Your Life


As a financial planner, I consult with clients concerning their financial lives.  We talk about the usual items such as efficient ways to save, appropriate amounts to spend, how to manage risk through insurance, and how to diversify investments.  However, every financial planning client I've had has also heard me talk about the importance of giving.  You might ask: Giving?  From a financial advisor?  YES!  I believe our financial planning process is not complete until we've talked about giving.  Deciding to give is a decision that will improve your life!

Here's why I talk about giving: 

1. Within each of us is a longing to make a significant difference in the world around us.  One of the ways we make this kind of impact is by giving our resources to enable worthwhile charities to keep making this kind of difference. 

2.When we give, it necessarily implies that we currently have more than we need.  This is directly opposed to the competing feeling that we always need more.  Generosity is a discipline that helps us to overcome our insatiable appetite for more.  Once we learn to give (along with saving and spending appropriately), we are able to truly experience a feeling of being wealthy.

3. Multiple studies have shown a direct correlation between giving and a feeling of happiness.  We are hard-wired to be givers.  When we experience the kind of life that we are hard-wired to live, we experience a slice of contentment, peace, and happiness. 

Where do you go from here?  Find a cause you feel passionate about, find an organization that you trust is helping this cause, and no matter how scary it feels DECIDE to be a giver.  For a list of organizations that my wife and I believe are making a positive impact in our world, check out my blog post from December 15th, 2016.  If this list doesn't strike you in your area of passion, you are in luck because there are thousands more charities worth considering.

Eric Biddle