Fisher Wealth Management soon to be Rockpointe Financial


We are excited to announce that as of June 1st, Fisher Wealth Management will be going by Rockpointe Financial!  Fisher Wealth Management, LLC has had a trusted and time-tested reputation.  This reputation started to be built by Brad Fisher in 2002.  He had the boldness to start a wealth management firm as a Registered Investment Advisor (meaning that the advisors hold to a fiduciary standard and must do what is in the best interest of its clients.)  Brad and I (Eric) continue to maintain this standard together . . . only with a new name!


Advice for your adventure

Life is an adventure!  Is it not?  Around every bend we find new opportunities for risk, relationships, and growth as individuals.  You have walked through major transitions during your life!  Perhaps you've graduated from school, taken a new job, taken a hand in marriage, had children, or even had grandchildren.  No doubt, you've faced difficult times and joyous times.  I'm guessing that 20 years ago you did not accurately imagine what the present would look like.  I certainly did not.  Furthermore, we don't know what transitions await these next 20 years.  What an exciting (and sometimes scary) thing!  

I love a good adventure!  I'm loving my journey and I would love having a part to play in yours! I count it both a privilege and a heavy responsibility to offer my clients peace-of-mind for their financial future.  Helping them reach their goals and being an encouragement to them along the way is one of my greatest joys!

If you'd like to sit down to look over your plan, review your life insurance strategy, or review your investments, I'd welcome the opportunity. 

Eric Biddle