Are you a business owner?

Entrepreneurs have unique needs and need creative solutions. You probably have an unsteady income and a higher demand for cash. Furthermore, you are not employed by a company that is providing a 401(k) and benefits to you. You are juggling a lot of responsibilities and we want to come alongside you to educate you and make your financial burden lighter.



As a business owner, you know that you don’t reach goals until you’ve cast vision and implemented strategies to get there. You started or bought your business for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is that you felt like it would help you reach your financial goals. Let us help you clarify your financial goals, implement strategies, and monitor your progress.


You want to invest in your business. We get that! We are business owners, too. However, we also believe that having a diversified portfolio is wise. You know that taking risks as a business owner is easier when you have an emergency fund put away and money saved for retirement. We can help you determine whether a 401(k), Simple IRA, or SEP IRA makes sense for your business and then we can help you get these accounts established.


As a business owner, you feel the responsibility of caring for your family, your business partners, and your employees. You want to know that if something happens, everyone will be taken care of. We can help you determine how to best leverage life insurance and disability insurance to help mitigate risks.