Life Insurance

Let's face it.  There are lot of confusing options when it comes to life insurance.  We are independent insurance agents which means we deal with a number of insurance carriers.  We don't think that any one life insurance product makes sense for everyone.  We will help you find the product that fits your needs instead of trying to make you fit a product.



Most people entering retirement want to create a reliable income stream that will never run out.  Furthermore, they are ready to add less volatile investments to their portfolios. We work with the top insurance carriers in the nation to provide fixed-indexed annuities that you can rely on.  If a growing income stream and safety of principal is what you want, we can find a solution that works for you.



Traditional saving options can be limiting for businesses with large profits.  Let us show you how an Executive Bonus Plan might be an attractive solution for your business.  We can walk you through using life insurance to fund a Buy-Sell Agreement or help you understand the benefits of a Key Person Insurance Policy. Furthermore, we can help you find a disability policy for you and/or your employees.