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Our Story

In 2002, Brad Fisher left a national brokerage company to start a new advisory firm that would offer a more objective approach to giving financial advice.  Fisher Wealth Management, LLC was birthed.  Since then, the firm has operated independently from any other financial institution allowing advisors to provide investment advice and financial products from a wide array of companies. Matching clients with the right products from the right companies allows us to provide the kind of objective advice we feel our clients deserve.

In 2013, the firm added Eric Biddle to the team.  Eric always had an interest in issues of stewardship and he decided he was ready to spend his time coaching people as an advisor rather than as a minister.  After a couple years of finding synergy as a team, Brad extended the opportunity for partnership to Eric and he accepted in January of 2015. 

After a few years of synergistic partnership, Brad decided to pursue other entrepreneurial  interests.  In December of 2017, Eric purchased Brad's remaining interest in the company and became the sole Registered Investment Advisor Representative of the firm.  Though the legal name remains as Fisher Wealth Management, LLC, the company began going by its trade name Rockpointe Financial in June, 2018. 

Rockpointe Financial has two locations.  The main office is now located near Perimeter Loop in Dublin but we also maintain an office in the beautiful Creekside area of Gahanna.