Nearly retired or already retired?

As you approach or enter retirement your financial concerns begin to shift from growth and accumulation to safety and income. You want to have the peace-of-mind that you have the freedom to no longer work and that you won’t outlast your money. You may also be thinking about your legacy wishes. Even if you’ve managed your own money your entire life, you may be feeling like you have less margin for error, moving forward. Let us use our expertise to help you retire with confidence so that you can focus on enjoying the golden years of your life.



You may be wondering if you are able to retire. You may be wondering which accounts to draw from first during retirement. You may be wondering if you should downsize or if you can afford a vacation home. You may also be wondering when to take Social Security and how your benefit is affected by a government pension (if you have one.) With our financial planning software, we can show you the impact of these decisions and guide you toward making the right decisions.


You have worked hard for the ability to make your money work for you; now its time to reap the benefits of that discipline. This is the time in your life where the growth of your overall portfolio becomes less important than it’s safety. Let us put together and manage a portfolio for you that is in line with your risk tolerance and risk capacity.



Your insurance needs are shifting. You no longer need to be as concerned about using life insurance to provide income to loved ones in the event of your passing. Instead, you may want to use it to create a legacy, fund a trust, or to provide cash to cover real estate expenses. It is also likely that you do not need life insurance at all because you are self-insured. We can educate you so that you can make a wise decision regarding life insurance.

You’ve also heard mixed reviews about annuities. You know there are a lot of options out there and they are all layered with complexities. We can help you understand the scenarios where annuities make sense, and if necessary, we can help you find one that can provide the safety and income that you are looking for at this stage of your life.