Still in your working years?

These years are known as the “accumulation stage” of your life. That is, you are earning money and putting it away for future use. When you rule over your money during this stage you create opportunities for yourself for later in life. For example, if you are saving for a child’s education years, you open up opportunities for him or her. If you save for retirement, you open up the opportunity to someday be free of the need to work. Here are some ways that we guide clients through the working years:



You may be coming to the end of each year and wondering where your money went or you have some left over and you are wanting to know the most effective way to save it. You know that if you are going to have the life you hope to have in the future, it comes through careful planning and disciplined decisions today. Let us help you by offering strategies so that you can reach your target.


You are putting your money into retirement accounts but you may not feel confident that it is appropriately invested. You want to feel like you are giving your hard-earned money the opportunity to experience compound growth for many years to come. Let us help you establish the right kind of retirement accounts, rollover your old 401(k)’s, and professionally manage your investments according to your risk tolerance and timeline.


You have important decisions to make regarding life insurance and disability insurance. You want to make sure your family is protected but you don’t want to pay more than you have to in order to do this. There are a lot of opinions floating around about cash-value life insurance vs. term insurance and you may not be sure which way to go. You also may be wondering if disability insurance is worth the cost. We can give you the information and guidance you need so that you can make wise decisions for your family.